Game Update - 26/11/2016

Good morning everyone :)

Morning you ask? It's because I'm still recovering from the ending of a particularly stressful book that I finally finished a few hours ago after I let myself some downtime to escape from my responsibilities. Don't mind me as I pick up he pieces of my shattered mind and cry for being born on earth :).

But nevermind me, Nytwalk has fantastic news as - yes - I HAVE actually been working steadfastly on it's development and marketing. I must say Instagram squad is thriving.

Yes that is right my brethren, Nytwalk has a sponsor :). A cool guy who goes by the name of Connor Linning and has generously given us a plentiful supply of royalty free music, so if you want to check out examples of the tunes that you're going to hear in the game, (and in related works such as Youtube videos) Why don't you go and take an early sneak peak at his Bancamp profile? At:

And also, this crazy talented individual is in the midst of created an almost equally as crazy amazing RPG game called "Towards the Pantheon" So why don't you check out it's progress on it's twitter page that frequently posts updates ( Or even visit: yourself? Honestly I'm really looking forward to it's release. 

But that's not all that has happened. Thanks to you guys and my amazing artists, we've been able to come up with a spicy character showcase for the two main individuals in the game, and currently, Mauva and I are drafting concept art from the character Jerry. Yep, do you remember when we were all confused over what he was? We've decided to make Jerry a mischievous pixie, or to name his species specifically - A NightCrawler. And honestly you don't want to let those get into your head. They're far too dangerous... Isn't he cute?

And what else have I done? I've scrapped the whole script and am now working afresh. I am currently writing the occasion whence the narrator leaves the mouth of the forest and spies the cabin or house or warehouse (whatever serves your liking most well) where the narrator will meet Cordelia. If you have a sharp eye, you'll see that actually - the background of Cordelia's Character showcase is actually a warehouse that may or may not be the one referred to in the visual novel - and if your eye is even sharper perhaps that may link in with the mysterious boy's background too?

Finally, Mauva and I have also been working on some speedart for the youtube channel So if any other artists want to come forward with videos of the making of their assets whilst drawing, sketching or even digitalising - do come forward with your videos - the don't even need to be edited - and I'll put them up on the youtube account. Full credit given ;).

So could I please give a special shoutout to Mauva who had been here since the game's idea first came into conception and I had my first round of picking artists from various websites to help me. She has stuck by me unwaveringly and is always eager to help. Thank you so much, Mauva.

And on the note of Honorary individuals, I'd like to welcome @Ali_faye_draws and @clearsartwork to the team. (Go and check out their Instagrams and see why exactly I approached them to ask if they could help ;) )

And with that, I'd like to thank all of you reading this for being so supportive in finding myself and helping me in my dream to become a game developer. Kudo's to you :).

Until next time,

Things to do:
• Script up to the first art transition
• Make assets for the new style of art and theme of the world that the narrator will be in. I'm thinking a cotton candy and sweet wasteland? Intrigued?
• Try not to break apart because of the amazing book I just finished reading. (A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas. Book 2 in a series).
• Anyone watch anime?

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