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Hey everyone! It's been a long time coming since the last GameDev post. Largely because I'd been preparing for very important UK exams coming up this Summer. But... They've finished! I have finished all of those damn exams! So the wait for Nytwalk's production to be back up and running is now over.

However that's not to say that my artists haven't been busy whilst I was revising. Looking at their Instagram and Twitter pages to me is on par with settling down with a cup of tea and reading a book. (Honestly I could spend hours just doing so.) Some of my artists have been busy perfecting characters that you guys have never seen before. Remember "Jerry"? The pixie we'd mentioned in the last blog post? After some revamping and character changes- we're introducing Nyn. Drawn my @Mauva4 (Instagram and Twitter). Here, grab a gander at him in this speed paint that was made of him on the SwitchGameDev Youtube Channel. We'll discuss his character, alongside those of others' in the next post.

And that's not all by far. Also from the last blog post, I expressed our potential ideas of the "Candyland Cook". She's already come to life. Artistically drawn by our own, @xchocoteddyx (Instagram). @clearsartwork (Instagram) has also given us some impressive (And stunningly alluring) art of the next secret character who I actually haven't introduced yet. But trust me, you'll love him. If you're head over heels excited to meet "Seven", the bipolar and bionic robot who just needs to- getoutoftheabandonedwarehousehe'sinsohecandestroymankind, then you can head to Instagram or Twitter where you can already see his finished amazingness, and also exclusive WIPs on other characters.

As for me, I have a ton of summer projects coming up. With Nytwalk being at the centre of them.

But tell me, how are you all doing? It's been some time and I've missed talking to you all. How has life treated you?

Did I ever tell you all about @AtomicGameDev (Twitter)? Our new Co-writer? He himself is a game developer and at one point we were continuously swapping services. I, testing his Unity based horror game and he expressing his creativity through a bit of Nytwalk's story. I must say, his input in the game certainly put in a degree of personality, especially for the protagonist - that I realised I was missing. Under his glorious literacy, I now consider the introduction of Nytwalk to be very much so- done.

Ah, there are so many mini clips of Nytwalk I have in my reserves, and yet I haven't the resources to post them on the blog unless I edit them and post them to Youtube first.

I really recommend you guys follow @SwitchGameDev on either Twitter on Instagram. They have the same handle, but you can be assured to see pictures AND clips of Nytwalk's development in your feed that I can't post on the website (Trust me, it's worth it).

Anyway, another great thing to address, is the fact that Nytwalk has an page! Here ya go, follow the page if you want to support it! Devlogs will be posted there, but let's be real- they'll be posted here too.

Ah, there's so much I want to say. I've made an "Evolution of Cordelia" timeline, which is pretty motivating to see, so I'll enclose that in the next blog post. I've yet to make an Evolution of "The unnamed boy", who the team and I have now decided to refer to as TUB; so that's also on the list.
Similarly, I'd like to polish the prologue by turning the background of one of the wood scenes into an animated background scene so the scene doesn't get boring, which I must admit- I've found annoying to read through with such static works.

But after that, the prologue would be 100% done and I guess the only thing I would need to do after that would be making a transition.

I'll keep you guys updated again soon!

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